Marketing Automation for Strong Customer Orientation in Banks & Insurance BFSI:

Learn how to create the ultimate marketing automation programs by integrating marketing automation and your CRM. From a target customer who understands the mere presence of a bank to converting them to loyal customers, Marketing automation can create a strong customer experience from the very first communication to all operational touch points of a banking system. Take a look at our whitepaper to see how one can introduce Marketing Automation and go through the various maturity levels to finally have a full-fledged implementation.

  • Understanding marketing automation and how to plan for an implementation.
  • The marketing benefits of integrating marketing automation and a CRM, including lead qualification, lead management, and targeted messaging
  • Sales benefits of marketing automation from automatic lead insertion to knowing which accounts to go after. Its absolute sales intelligence.
  • How to read the various metrics and key management information available in such systems.
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